OMIC 2018 Schedule

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Join us as we kick off the OM Innovation Conference with a few words from Destin Ortego, Director of the Opportunity Machine, Tom Cox, President Chair of the OM and CEO of, and Joel Robideaux, Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish.

Under Morris Miller's leadership, Xenex has become a world leader in automated room disinfection. Through the use of xenon technology and innovative hospital disinfection protocols, the company has helped hospitals achieve significant infection reduction results.

Join us for a trade show style showcase of companies from the Opportunity Machine, Accelerate South, and the Lafayette community as they demo services and products in virtual reality, drone UAV, app development, medical device, healthcare, energy, and technology.

Success in business and in life often times will be predicated upon your ability to overcome the obstacles in your way. This can be accomplished through innovation, creative design, personal relationships and a sheer desire and will to succeed. This presentation will give you the necessary inspiration and information that you will need overcome any obstacle that prevents you from reaching your goals and accomplishing your dreams.